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We provide troubleshooting for cellular and high-speed access, including security options. We understand it can be frustrating and time consuming for you to set up your new computer, so recommend hiring us for the initial setup. We want you to enjoy your computing experience. Common issues such as cracked screens on laptops, re-installs, and updates can be quickly and easily managed by our staff. We invite you to bring your PC or laptop in for regular maintenance, or call us with your questions. Our estimates are free for PC and laptop repairs and upgrades. We have one of the largest computer repair facilities in Kamloops, with experienced, certified technicians, which means you get your computer back faster with guaranteed results.


Malware Removal

Computer Upgrades

Laptop / Desktop Maintenance & Repair

Hard Drive Replacements

Virus/SPAM Removal | Spitfire Computers Ltd. | Kamloops, BC

Malware Removal

Malware (malicious software) includes viruses, spyware, adware, and ransomware. Warning signs that your PC may be infected, include crashes, unusual error messages prompting you to call a phone number for a fake tech support company, and annoying pop-up ads. Malware can damage your computer and threaten your privacy. We provide malware removal and file repair services. If your PC or laptop has been damaged by malware, we will advise you on the next steps to take to protect yourself while surfing, or doing business on the web.

System Upgrades

Computers can pick up bugs over time, reducing overall performance and causing system crashes. We have the solutions to help get you up to speed. We add/upgrade individual components to greatly improve performance such as adding RAM, a video card, or swapping the Hard Drive to a Solid State. Along with a reinstall, we can make it feel like a new computer! We back up your data for a small charge, but applications must be reinstalled from their original discs. We include anti-virus software, office suite, and anti-spyware tools. Upgrades improve security while allowing you to enjoy new software features.

Computer System Upgrades | Spitfire Computers Ltd. | Kamloops, BC
Computer Hardware Repair | Spitfire Computers Ltd. | Kamloops, BC

Hardware Issues

Hardware, or the physical parts of your computer, include the case, monitor, hard disk drive, motherboard, video card, fans and other working parts. If the fan is loud and rattling, or you hear clicks or other noise coming from inside the case, it may be time for a good cleaning. If your computer is getting unusually hot, itís time to unplug it and bring it in to us for maintenance. Sometimes all computers need is a good cleaning. If one of your components needs to be replaced, we will consult with you beforehand so you donít get an unexpected charge. All standard parts are kept in stock and others are available through expediated service.


We service and upgrade most laptop brands. Common problems experienced by laptop users are dead and broken screens, overheating, power connectors and batteries. Overheating can damage the motherboard and can be caused by a blocked fan or damaged heatsink. Laptops need regular maintenance to keep them running efficiently, including replacing damaged components and cleaning.

Laptop Repair | Spitfire Computers Ltd. | Kamloops, BC

Flat Rate Service Charges

Our flat rate charges are the best bang for your buck.

Virus Removal $89.99
Virus, malware, adware, scare-ware, ransomware and everything else gumming up that system of yours.

Windows Reinstall $119.99
Flat rate service with data if required.

Shop Rates by the Hour

All rates do not include parts.

Bench $80.00
Minimum half hour charge. ($40.00)

*Prices do not include taxes or environmental fees. Estimates are free (10mins or less)

Please call for your free estimate today.

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Our Commitment to You

We choose to use only high-quality non-proprietary industry standard components with a proven track record for all upgrades and new system builds to minimize downtime and stability issues. Our focus on after-sales service has generated a large number of repeat customers and referrals from satisfied customers.